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Drive Brand Relevance with Asian American Consumer Cultural Traits: Essentials of Asian American Consumers

Collage Group’s presentation, Drive Brand Relevance with Asian American Consumer Essentials, explores three areas of our consumer fundamentals research: demographics and economic opportunity, identity, and Group Traits.

Asian American Consumers are an important U.S. segment, and their population and economic power are growing. Brands must better understand this influential consumer group to effectively engage with them through their marketing and advertising.

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Drive Brand Relevance with Asian American Consumer Essentials presentation.

Our new study explores three areas of our consumer fundamentals research: demographics, identity, and Group Traits to help your brand authentically connect with Asian American consumers.

The Big Picture: Understand Asian American’s Inherent Diversity and Thoughtfulness

Asian Americans are incredibly diverse, hailing from many different countries across Asia. This results in rich diversity in languages spoken and country of origin traditions. However, their immigration history and the segment’s values create connections across sub-segments, creating a shared Asian American experience in the United States. One of these shared values is the desire to live their lives with balance – merging both their familial expectations with their own aspirations. Their thoughtfulness in pursuing balance shows up across all of their group traits.

Key Insight #1: Cultural Duality

Asian Americans are a diverse group and for many, making a home in the US with strong roots abroad results in cultural complexities. They are both proud of their rich cultural heritage while maintaining patriotism to the U.S.

Do This:

Showcase how your brand can help Asian Americans navigate two cultures, and how you can help them attain the balance they are striving for.

Key Insight #2: Discerning

The Asian American segment are thoughtful in their decision making. They weigh their options before making a choice and their analytical mindset is evident in their tendency to seek expert advice.

Do This:

Build trust with the segment by emphasizing reviews and expert recommendations that help Asian Americans have more peace of mind.

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