Hispanic Passion Points
What matters most to Hispanic consumers? Collage Group’s latest Multicultural Passion Points study includes key insights into Hispanic consumers to enhance brand engagement and activation.

Download the attached presentation and take a look at a few key insights and implications below:

Passion Points are the activities and areas of life of deep interest to consumers. They are the “things” that people prioritize when spending their time, money, and attention. And, they are concrete expressions of culture.

Collage’s Passion Point research offers deep insight into the 8 Passion Points we know are most important to American consumers. This work offers brands and marketers important tools to engage and win multicultural consumer segments.

To get you started with our Passion Points research, read on for topline findings on Hispanic consumers, as compared to other racial and ethnic segments.​​

1.) Movies and Shows

When we asked people which TV show or movie genres they are most likely to watch, we saw that the Action and Adventure genre was most popular for all multicultural segments. The Hispanic and Asian segments lead this trend, with each more likely than Non-Hispanic consumers to choose Action and Adventure.


Comedy is also very popular across segments, but Hispanic and Asian consumers are less likely than the Non-Hispanic White segment to choose comedy.

For Hispanic consumers, movies and shows they can watch with family matters most–and more to them than any other segment.

2.) Food

Our data shows that American consumers consider themselves “foodies” over “health nuts”­– and we also see some interesting multicultural variation here. About half of Americans consider themselves “foodies,” and Black Americans – at 56 percent – are more likely than non-Hispanic White consumers believe this.


While less than a third of the total population considers themselves “health nuts,” all multicultural segments are more likely than non-Hispanic White consumers to do so. While only a quarter of White consumers say they are “health nuts,” over a third of Asian, Black, and Hispanic consumers align. Unacculturated Hispanic consumers are most likely to say they are “health nuts”, at 48 percent, compared to the other Hispanic Acculturation segments.

Further, Unacculturated Hispanic consumers are the least likely racial or ethnic segment to follow seasonal trends, with only 32 percent stating interest. However, the Acculturated Hispanic segment is roughly in line with the total market, at 59 percent.

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