Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Lean into Family, Avoid Performative Advertising to Connect with Hispanic Consumers to Grow Your Brand

Holidays and Occasions are focal points for many diverse consumers—opportunities to connect with loved ones, maintain cultural and family traditions, and express themselves through decorations, food, entertainment, and more. These celebrations are also key inroads for brands to deepen their connection with consumers across segments. 
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August 23, 2023
Sudipti Kumar – Director, Cultural Insights

Hispanic Heritage Month is a key opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate Hispanic achievements and cultural contributions to U.S. history. Among other aspects, the Hispanic demographic takes pride in expressing oneself through cultural traits, family traditions, decorations, and delicious foods.

Learn how Multicultural consumers, particularly the Hispanic segment, prepare for and
celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

2023 Hispanic Heritage Month - Slide Deck Example

Here are top-level insights that can help you authentically engage with these consumer segments across holidays and occasions:

1.) Holidays are an excuse to see and take care of friends and family.

The Hispanic segment’s positivity and warmth explain their enjoyment of parties or gatherings but also enjoying preparing for the event and observing days that honor love and familial connection.

2.) Holiday traditions inspire a deep cultural pride that goes beyond tired commercialization.

Holidays are a meaningful opportunity to celebrate and stay connected to meaningful traditions, so Hispanics have high expectations for brands to amplify non-commercial depictions that run true to how the segment celebrates.

Food and drink for Hispanic Heritage Month chart

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration brands need to understand to fully capture the segment’s attention. Collage Group helps marketers and insights leaders connect around these holidays by providing insights that clarify the similarities and differences in how Hispanic consumers across acculturation levels prepare for and celebrate important dates. These insights allow for more efficient and effective activations that capture greater mind and market share.

The Hispanic segment welcomes brands to partake in the festivities and observance of Hispanic Heritage Month. However, it is imperative that brands take time and understand this invitation. Very few Hispanics want brands to refrain from recognizing the Month in their advertisements, but marketers must be wise about participating. Hispanic consumers ask that brands go beyond performative advertising and commercials, and ads should spotlight diversity within the Hispanic community, make note of Hispanic people who have impacted the U.S., and commemorate and teach about Hispanic culture.

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Sudipti Kumar

Sudipti Kumar

Sudipti is a Director of Cultural Insights on Collage Group’s Product and Content team. She is a graduate from NYU’s Stern School of Business where she studied finance and marketing, and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs where she received her Masters in Public Administration. In her spare time, Sudipti enjoys reading, cooking, and learning to crochet.

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