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Make the best decisions for your brand with real-time holiday consumer insights.

Holidays and occasions afford consumers the opportunity to express their cultural traditions and individuality through decorations, food and beverage, entertainment, celebratory activities and more. This report allows brands to explore how consumer attitudes and behaviors toward holidays and occasions are evolving across race, ethnicity, generation, sexuality and gender, and parent-child relationships. Read on to learn how consumers are changing the ways in which they celebrate holidays—the cultural touchpoints that represent billions of dollars in consumer expenditure each year.

Collage Group Holidays & Occasions report covers: Post-COVID & General Attitudes, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cookouts/Barbeques, Weddings, The Olympics, Birthdays, Quinceañera, Back to School Season, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Black History Month, Asian American Pacific Islander Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Cinco de Mayo, Día de los Muertos, Juneteenth, Lunar New Year and Diwali


Consumer spend on Christmas is projected to continue increasing. Get the insights you need on this critical holiday to connect with diverse America. 

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Discover how consumers interact with the second largest commercial holiday of the year.  

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The majority of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Learn how they’re choosing to interact with this festive holiday.

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Do you know how your audience prepares for and celebrates birthdays? Our in-depth analysis on this topic will help shape your marketing strategy. 

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Post-Covid and General Attitudes

Consumers are gathering for special occasions again. Download a sample of our study that explores the attitudes and behaviors around socializing and communicating in this Post-COVID era.

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How Do Culturally Fluent Brands Approach Pride Month?

At Collage Group, our business is to celebrate the diversity that is transforming America. When it comes to Pride Month, we stand with the LGBTQ+ community in celebration of their many contributions to our culture, their many allies, and the brands that support them.

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