Engage Black Gen Z with Intersectional Group Traits

Discover Black Gen Z consumers’ unique intersectional Group Traits, including their joyful, spiritually-inspired ambition and an elevated awareness of themselves and the world around them.

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September 15, 2023
Jenny Wolski – Senior Analyst

Black Gen Z Americans are an influential U.S. consumer segment, and their cultural and economic power are growing as the group ages into adulthood. Brands who understand this intersectional consumer segment will not only be able engage with them more effectively through their marketing and advertising but will also benefit from halo effects with Black consumers, Gen Z consumers, and others. Read on to learn more about the Black Gen Z segment and what makes them unique in order to help your brand connect with this segment.

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Engage Black Gen Z Consumers with Intersectional Group Traits - Slide Deck Example

What Surprised Us

Black Gen Z is highly spiritual — way more than other Gen Zers. Black Gen Z’s pronounced spirituality is consistent with the broader Black segment but runs opposite from Gen Z. While most young Americans are less religious or spiritual than older generations, Black Gen Z is doubling down on their belief in a higher power.

Compared to other Gen Zers, Black Gen Zers are highly spiritual

Why it matters:

The segment’s spirituality connects to their Group Trait of Spirited Ambition – and their desire to align achievement with joy and their cultural roots.

The Big Picture:

    1. Black Gen Z are an ambitious group but prefer to reach for their dreams joyfully and socially. Achievement is something to share, not a prize to keep to themselves.
    2. Black Gen Z is conscious of themselves, and the world around them. They celebrate what makes them and others unique, but that awareness can also lead to introspective doubts and anxiety about their place in the world.

Key Insight #1: Black Gen Z achieve their goals with a spirited ambition

Know This:

Black Gen Z is seeking to carve their path through a desire for achievement and success. Their youth, belief in a higher purpose, and realness make it important to express themselves unapologetically but have fun along the way. 

Do This:

    • Celebrate Black Gen Z for their desire to achieve on their own terms. Encourage their own, unique version of success.
    • Joyfully offer opportunities for Black Gen Z to reach new heights through initiatives that connect young Black Americans with their career aspirations.
Black Gen Zers strive for their goals, stand for their values

Key Insight #2: Black Gen Z is hyper-aware of their place in the world

Know This:

The segment celebrates what makes them different from others, and they are also aware of the challenges of being a young Black person in America today. 

Do This:

    • Give Black Gen Z the spotlight. Partner with young Black influencers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who are natural leaders for other young Americans.
    • Lighten the load for the segment. Offering mental health tools and an escape from the day-to-day realities will give them a break from always being “on” in today’s highly digital world.
Black Gen Z is open to the world around them and opportunities to connect

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Jenny Wolski

Jenny Wolski

Jenny is an Analyst on Collage Group’s Product & Content team. She is a 2021 graduate from The George Washington University where she studied Statistics and Sociology. In her spare time, Jenny is often on a hike enjoying nature.

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