Pulse Check on Health in America: Women

Learn how Americans across genders approach their health and wellness. Build trust with women by demonstrating a nuanced understanding of their general health and wellness perceptions, barriers preventing them from achieving their best health, and the support and improvements they need.

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December 19, 2023
Alonzo Bailey – Data Analyst

Health and wellness are a major aspect of consumers’ daily lives. Americans spend a significant amount of time – and money – tending to their health. All brands, both within and outside of the health and wellness space, must understand consumers’ attitudes and behaviors in this key area of their lives.

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Pulse Check on Women's Health in America - deck sample

Collage Group’s 2023 Pulse Check on Women’s Health and Wellness provides insights that will help your brand to:

    1. Tackle key health barriers women face,
    2. Prioritize their mental health,
    3. Rebuild trust through practical partnership.

What surprised us:

Women rely on their own medical and wellness research as much as the guidance from their healthcare providers. They tend to adopt a trust-but-verify approach to getting medical professionals’ advice.

Why it matters:

Transparency and responsiveness are essential for earning women’s trust and, ultimately, meeting their needs. Additionally, women’s cautious trust of medical professionals means brands must develop self-serve digital tools that enable women to access reliable and accurate information independently.

Women take charge of their own health when seeking care

The Big Picture: 

    1. Women compromise their wellness goals, widening the gender health gap. Brands that encourage and enable women to prioritize their own needs will become trusted partners on the healthcare journey.
    2. They crave control, autonomy, and relational support in their healthcare experiences. Brands will gain women’s trust by offering convenient tools and fostering long-term relationships built on empathy.

Key Insight #1: Tackle Key Health Barriers

Know This:

Women struggle to prioritize their own well-being given their limited resources: money, time, and energy. Persistent medical bias and negative healthcare experiences strain their relationship with healthcare providers, further hindering their access to adequate care.

Do This:

    • Empower women to put themselves first by encouraging them to prioritize their needs and offering practical (and monetary) assistance.
    • Address their disadvantaged financial position by promoting free or low-cost services and price comparison tools to help them pick the most optimal treatment options.
Money is the biggest obstacle between women and their health

Key Insight #2: Prioritize Mental Health

Know This:

Women are believers and doers when it comes to mental health practices. But their mental health is greatly affected by societal expectations and standards for women’s appearance.

Do This:

    • Break away from toxic beauty standards and commit to body positivity in your marketing visuals, messaging, and brand positioning.
    • Destigmatize taboo topics around weight and body image, including eating disorders and body dysmorphia.
Many women are caught between health and weight goals

Key Insight #3: Rebuild Trust through Practical Partnership

Know This:

Women seek collaborative autonomy in their healthcare journey and demand access to tools and resources that support their unique needs and perspectives.

Do This:

    • Curate practical, nuanced tools and resources that optimize women’s healthcare journey and maximize value while enhancing their ability to be in control of healthcare decisions.
    • Build lasting relationships with women patients by incentivizing better “soft skills” and proactive coordination and personalization of care to fit each patient’s needs
LGBTA+ people are more likely to trust online health information

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Alonzo Bailey

Alonzo Bailey

Alonzo is an Analyst on Collage Group’s Product & Content team. He is a 2019 graduate of Morehouse College. His previous experience includes business and psychological research at Johns Hopkins University – Carey Business School, Columbia Business School, and the University of Maryland.

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