Gen Zalpha Dreams and Aspirations: Fuel Growth with Parents and Kids Insights

Explore how Gen Zalpha’s dreams and aspirations for the future have evolved in today’s anxious world.

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December 21, 2023
Lauren Goldberg – Analyst

Gen Zalpha is the most diverse cohort of Americans in history. Paired with heightened access to more digital information and options than ever before, it’s becoming harder to know how to meaningfully connect with kids (and parents) today. Watch our webinar or download our report to explore the aspirations of kids in America and understand what’s most important to these individuals, including who they look up to and why, and how to leverage these insights to fuel brand growth. 

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What Surprised Us

Kids are abandoning traditional aspirational ideals – like wealth, fame, and success – and instead idolize authenticity, grit, and caring for others.  

The parenting shift is happening in tandem with an evolution of femininity

The Big Picture:

    1. (Anti) Aspiration: Today’s kids reject traditional goals for “when I grow up” in favor of more attainable and practical future milestones. 
    1. Confidence > Competence: The Information Age has shifted what kids need to succeed as adults. Instead of ‘book smarts’, today’s kids now seek confidence – in themselves and in the choices they’ll make. 

Kids: Cultivating Confidence

Know This:

In a world of endless information and personalization, kids worry about making the right decisions. Their anxiety about the future has led to a crisis of confidence as they look to parents and their technological savviness to help make their dreams a reality. 

Do This:

    • Create opportunities for kids to build their skills, grow their confidence, and explore their potential. Think: retailer hosted skill building workshops for kids. 
    • Help teens balance the anxieties they have about the future by promoting the excitement of achievable goals and the comfort of stability in your Gen Zalpha targeted content.
Teens are caught between seeking achievement and lacking confidence

Parents: Taking Action to Enable Gen Zalpha

Know This:

When today’s kids say what they want to be when they grow up, their parents don’t just take them seriously, they take action to make it happen. The result is twofold: Parents are feeling pressured and they’re shifting priorities towards the softer side of skills. 

Do This:

    • Ease parental pressure by providing tactical opportunities to help their kids discover or pursue their dreams and aspirations.
Parents are shaping their kids future as much as kids themselves

The American mainstream is being redefined, year by year. Contact us today to learn more about Collage “size-of-prize” and related services to ensure your growth strategy accounts for the cultural transformation of the American consumer.

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Lauren Goldberg

Lauren Goldberg

Lauren is an Analyst on Collage Group’s Cultural Insights team. She recently graduated from University of Michigan, where she studied psychology and entrepreneurship. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys trying new restaurants in the DC metro area and keeping up with the Washington Capitals.

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