Back-to-School: Engage Diverse Consumers as They Plan

It’s back-to-school season! Access the latest insights down to your category to engage parents and kids as they shop for new clothes, school supplies, and more.
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August 2, 2023
Jack Mackinnon – Senior Director of Cultural Insights

Back-to-School is a time for students to start fresh with new clothes and supplies and prepare for their new routines as the school year commences. While there’s a variety of items parents intend on buying for the Back-to-School season, we have our focus on school supplies and apparel.

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School Supplies: Prepare to Endure the School Year

Most parents say they purchase new school supplies every year for their children and enjoy shopping for them. We also found that a majority of parents like to start the year with everything they’ll need for the whole year. All these things are especially true for Hispanic parents, with 8 in 10 saying they like to be fully prepared, and over half buying in bulk. We also see Asian parents buying in bulk, as this segment tends to be discerning and meticulous shoppers.

Hispanic parents most likely to appreciate starting the school year prepared

Apparel: Let Kids Stunt Their Style

Clothes and accessories are tied first with school supplies when it comes to what parents will most likely buy for Back-to-School. We found that most parents are giving their children a choice in what they wear, or at least take their opinion into consideration. For teens, 7 in 10 say they are making clothing decisions on their own. Since kids and teens doing the shopping, it makes the most sense to gear ads toward them. Gen Z teen shoppers take pride in their style and use it to express themselves. Make sure your brand is active on social media, where these shoppers spend a lot of their time and also gather style inspiration.

Comfort and style are top priorities for teens shopping for apparel

There are a variety of ways your brand can activate around Back-to-School shopping. Remember to target teens in the areas where they are making decisions for themselves, and target parents in places where your products or services offer convenience and save time. Back-to-School is all about starting fresh, with new styles and routines, so make sure your brand is essential by fitting into the chaotic Back-to-School season.

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Jack McKinnon

Jack McKinnon

With more than 15 years of diverse consumer research experience, Jack Mackinnon offers deep expertise in Multicultural, Generational, LGBTQ+ consumers, and their intersection. Jack’s research extends into exploring culture-at-large, investigating broader societal trends not easily categorized into typical areas of research.

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