Drive Engagement by Aligning Your Media Strategy to Multicultural Consumers’ Habits and Preferences

Learn how Multicultural Americans engage with media, including social media, movies, TV shows, online videos, music, and podcasts.

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Octobrer 4, 2023
Jenny Wolski – Senior Analyst of Cultural Insights at Collage Group

Multicultural Americans spend an enormous amount of time and attention in the digital media space. Whether it’s social, video, or audio streaming content, these super-users actively engage with digital content creators, other people from their own community, and even with brands.

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Drive Engagement by Aligning Your Media Strategy to Multicultural Consumers’ Habits and Preferences

Collage Group’s 2023 Media Habits and Preferences Study provides insights on where people are using mediawhy they’re going there, and how your brand can authentically engage with your target segments across channels. This report dives deep into Multicultural consumers’ platform usage and drivers, content preferences, and engagement.

The Big Picture:

    1. Hispanics are social media super users: They spend their time across many platforms, especially those that support Hispanics, and allow them to stay connected to family in other countries.
    2. Black Americans watch more TV (streaming and traditional) than others: They also uniquely prioritize cultural representation and are most comfortable with free/ad-based platforms.
    3. Asian Americans use media to jumpstart their creative desires: They also reward platforms that have historically provided a creative outlet (like YouTube) with their loyalty.

Key Insight #1: Inclusion is a priority for Younger Multicultural social media users.

Know This:

Multicultural consumers are more likely to use social media platforms that create authentic spaces for younger Multicultural Americans. Established history of inclusion also leads to higher levels of trust. This includes YouTube for Asian Americans, WhatsApp for both the Hispanic and Asian segments, and X (formerly known as Twitter) for Black Americans. 

Do This:

    • Don’t be afraid to venture past the biggest social media platforms. Tap into apps with unique usage and loyalty by segment (e.g., WhatsApp is highly popular with both Hispanics and Asian Americans).
    • Partner with platforms that create safe spaces for Multicultural segments and build trust. As the Twitter exodus take place for example, platforms like Spill, which is Black-owned, and BlueSky and Threads, should be monitored for ongoing opportunities to connect with the segment.
Young Hispanic and Asian Americans stand out for their trust of Twitter and Whatsapp

Key Insight #2: Multicultural Americans want to see culturally relevant stories on the screen.

Know This:

Multicultural Americans are more likely to subscribe to a service to watch international content. 

Do This:

    • Seek out partnerships with actors that originate from other countries – telling the story of one Multicultural segment’s love for a particular show from their country of origin will appeal broadly across Multicultural segments capitalizing on Halo Effects.
Multicultural Americans more likely to subscribe to foreign TV services

Key Insight #3: Hispanics drive overall enjoyment of music listening.

Know This:

Hispanics enjoy listening to music more than any other segment. Latin music has made and continues to make an outsized impact on music in the United States.

Do This:

    • Partner with Hispanic music artists who resonate not only with the community but have become popular more broadly within the total population due to the segment’s impact on music nationally.
Hispanics are the most frequent music listeners

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Jenny Wolski

Jenny Wolski

Jenny is an Analyst on Collage Group’s Product & Content team. She is a 2021 graduate from The George Washington University where she studied Statistics and Sociology. In her spare time, Jenny is often on a hike enjoying nature.

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