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Top Ads for Hispanic Consumers: Learnings from the 2024 Award Winners

Do you know the ads that are most effective at resonating with Hispanic consumers and the tactics they’ve used to achieve that success? To answer this question and much more, Collage evaluated the cultural fluency of top ads for Hispanic consumers and unveiled this year’s (SM) award winners selected from the 2024 Hispanic Marketing Council Strategic Excellence Award honorees.

This blog and download include a small sample of the deep cultural intelligence available to our members. Contact us to learn how you can unlock access to our cultural intelligence engine.

At Collage, we measure cultural fluency by gauging consumer sentiment across four key dimensions: Brand Fit, Relevance, Message, and Enjoyment. These dimensions are weighed and combined to create the Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ) score. The A-CFQ score gives members actionable insights into their ad’s resonance across different consumer segments and where to focus strategies for improvement.

The research behind these winning ads illustrate Collage’s deep understanding of what works and why, and how we support the world’s leading brands in applying actionable insights that fuel growth. The winners were identified based on strongest cultural resonance, amplification potential, and intersectional impact. Our research helped identify what won, and then take a deep dive into how they performed uniquely well with the segment.

Congratulations to the winners!

Alzheimer’s Association, Cheetos, and U.S. Bank.

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Here are the top takeaways from our winners:

Alzheimer’s Association: “Some Things Come with Age”

“Some Things Come with Age” resonates with Hispanic consumers through Passion Points and traditions. The Alzheimer’s Association ad used Hispanic interests in fashion, and the segment’s enjoyment in playing dominoes to exemplify what things do and do not come with age. The representation of the segment in this ad is pertinent, as Hispanic people are especially susceptible to Alzheimer’s.

Watch the ad below:

Cheetos: “Deja tu Huella Winners”

“Deja tu Huella Winners” spotlights program leaders Cheetos chose from 2023’s campaign. This ad builds on years of support for the Hispanic segment through grants that help changemakers help their community.

Watch the ad below:

U.S. Bank: “Translators”

“Translators” illuminates the parentification of Hispanic children to drive relevance and resonance. U.S. Bank’s short film tells the “untold story of children who give a voice to generations”. The film follows 11-year-old Densel, 13-year-old Harye, and 16-year-old Virginia, the English speakers of their families, who assume adult responsibilities. These children are tasked with translating in situations like doctor’s visits, going to the DMV, and even parent-teacher conferences. While the ad itself doesn’t showcase any of U.S. Bank’s products or services, the relatable story appeals to Hispanic Americans, generating strong Relevance within the segment.

Watch the ad below:

This year’s Award winners drove cultural resonance, amplification potential, and intersectional impact through fit, relevance, messaging, enjoyment, advocacy, and Halo Effects. Stay tuned for additional insights as we release our full Top Ads for Hispanic Consumers report, coming soon.

If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into how we got these results and how we can help your brand fuel growth, contact us for a one-on-one consultation. We are ready to help you take action with the most discoverable consumer, brand and industry insights.

Special thank you to the Hispanic Marketing Council for their continued partnership.

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