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Essentials of Asian American Consumers

Collage Group’s Essentials of Asian American Consumers presentation explores three areas of our consumer fundamentals research: demographics and economic opportunity, identity, and Group Traits.u0026nbsp;

Asian Americans are a rapidly growing U.S. consumer segment both in terms of population and economic power. Brands must better understand this influential consumer group to effectively engage with them through their marketing and advertising.

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Collage Group’s Essentials of Asian American Consumers explores three areas of our consumer fundamentals research: demographics, identity, and Group Traits to help your brand authentically connect with Asian Americans.

Download the attached presentation for more information. In the meantime, take a look at a few key insights and action steps.

Key Takeaway #1: Demographics & Segment Context

Asian American purchasing power is growing faster than any other segment, and far outpaces their population size.


Acknowledge Asian Americans’ economic power today. As their population and purchasing power grows, they will increasingly influence the national culture.

Asian Americans are not a monolith. They are a diverse community whose race and country of origin matter to their identity.


Highlight the rich heritage and contributions of Asian Americans in this country. Include messages that speak to the segment’s different countries of origin and the challenges the segment has faced.

Key Insight #3

Asian Americans’ satisfaction with their portrayal in advertising is poor and worse than a year ago.


Support the Asian American community by portraying them accurately and authentically in your advertising. Showcase Asian Americans in all the different roles they assume – as family members, workers, love interests, etc. – and in the unique moments of their everyday lives.

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