Virtual Cultural Fluency Workshops
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Our Virtual Cultural Fluency Workshops  leverage digital tools and best practice to deliver all of the benefit and none of the risk of an in-person Cultural Fluency Workshop.  

These 1-2 day sessions (spread across multiple days) are tailored to help brand teams apply our Cultural Fluency framework, reveal new opportunities to activate multicultural consumers and inspire improvements in execution and advertising.

Cofacilitated by one of our subject matter experts and an “experience producer,”  our Virtual Workshops are highly interactive.  We take full advantage of technologies such as white boarding, polling, chatting, and dynamic breakout rooms, with minute-by-minute tech support and troubleshooting.

Moreover, we are dynamically updating the content of these workshops with cutting-edge insights from our ongoing Covid-19 Research Initiative.

Customized to meet your specific brand needs and tie to client-side marketing frameworks, these sessions:

1. Ground you and your team in our Cultural Fluency Framework— What to Say to be Relevant, How to Say it Authentically, Where to Say it to Connect

2. Unpack the Cultural Group Traits of the segments that matter most to your growth.  Our active learning exercises allow your team to internalize the critical nuggets of our comprehensive fact-based research into culture across all major race/ethnicities and generations.

3. Understand how to create Culturally Fluent executions:  We tailor insights from our ever-growing AdRate database to reveal what works and what doesn’t in advertising for specific segments and categories

4. Workshop Insights to Action:  Align the whole team around key takeaways that prioritize action in the short, medium and long term.  Cover all the bases, including product and  commercial innovation, equity and communication, marketing activation and retail in-store or online.

To learn more, fill out the form to download the attached materials and start your journey today.

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