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Most Americans (58%) Want Businesses to Engage in Social and Political Issues

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Better Serve and Engage the Fastest Growing and Most Influential Segments

Tap into the collective consciousness of young Americans, and spot future areas of growth

We separate out age, shared experiences, and circumstances to better understand what makes a generation a generation

genYZ research is designed to surface predictive insights; we tell you what is happening, and then we tell you where these behavioral and psychographic trends will lead, across topics as diverse as product preference, overall values, marketing channels, or shopping behavior.


The oldest members of gen-Z are about to graduate from college, buy homes, and begin families—or will they? We take an in-depth look at 13 to 21 year olds, going beyond the digital stereotypes to really understand what is important to this up-and-coming cohort


Millennials are not the self-centered, social media-addicted generation the media portrays. They are passionate individuals – defined by their diversity and multiculturalism – living in every part of the U.S. and going through important and formative lifestages.

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What you can expect from a membership

Proven Strategies

On-Demand Insights

Curated Case Study Library

Rich Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Proven Strategies

Know what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to reaching and engaging young America

Drive superior marketing for millennial & gen-Z consumers through better strategies. Learn how these younger generations are fundamentally different and how reaching them is changing faster and faster.

On-Demand, Client-Driven Insights

Get the insights you need, when you need them

Five research studies per year, diving deep on the issues that our members care about most. We interview clients for each study, in many cases adding their specific questions to primary research, and nine weeks later present a rich deep-dive into the topic, knitting together a rich blend of proprietary and secondary data to help clients immediately take action. Every question is then entered into our database for totally customizable access via our Insights Designer tool.

Curated Case Study Library

Treasure trove of studies across product development, advertising, content generation, and sales

Find the best examples of youth marketing, tagged across a number of key dimensions. Clients can search the database, or read our monthly digest to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and must-knows when it comes to gen-Z and millennials.

Rich Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Tap into the collective intelligence of hundreds of experts on youth and millennial marketing

Participate in peer circles—non-competitive groups of companies where clients can discuss urgent issues and get real market feedback. For more in-depth benchmarking, we facilitate blinded studies to gather best practices and data on pressing topics.

Selection of syndicated deliverables from 2016-2017

  • Integrated Digital Toolkit: How to Win on Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, and More

  • TOKEN Framework: Understanding the Nation attitudes of gen-Z – ambivalent beginners

  • TOKEN Framework: Understanding the Enterprise attitudes of gen-Z – emerging financial adolescents

  • TOKEN Framework: Understanding the Keystones attitudes of gen-Z individualistic villagers

  • TOKEN Framework: Understanding the Online attitudes of gen-Z – cautiously optimistic tech citizens

  • TOKEN Framework: Understanding the Temperament attitudes of gen-Z – teen angst is real

  • genYZ segmentation: A predictive guide to deciphering America’s youth

  • Is Facebook for old people?

  • What do gen-Z and millennials want in life?

  • Gen-Z, millennials, and multicultural consumers in the changing video landscape

  • What social media platforms do gen-Z and millennials love the most?

  • Gen-Z and millennial at-home internet device usage

  • Millennial smartphone dependence

  • Digital 101: What to know about millennial digital device usage

  • Mythbusters: Millennials are cord cutters

  • Understanding how gen-Z and millennials shop

  • Youth & sports: Starting early with engagement

  • Understanding the millennial customer experience

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